Sunday, February 17, 2008


Thousand of sellers and buyers will be engaged in a "David vs. Goliath" struggle with the e-commerce giant EBAY beginning Monday. FEB 18-25th.

From Small mom and pop sellers to Power sellers they are outraged at Ebay increasing Fees at the beginning of a recession as well as suspending seller's ability to leave negative feedback for scam buyer and implementation of 21 day fund hold on Paypal of a sellers Payment during which time sellers are expected to ship.

On the Ebay Seller central Board over 10000 sellers have posted to the boycott thread, which, has been up a week,

There are dozens of boycott and strike videos on youtube and many sellers are distributing flyers at post offices, shopping malls and any place else to get the word out.

Ebay while publicly saying this is just 'noise', they have responded with a Canadian listing sale, a auto listing sale last week, a revision of media listing prices, a 20cent listing sale this week and now are sending our email coupons in an effort to get people to list.

Ebay competitors are experiencing record increases according to Power sellers auction watch.
As sellers imply fed up with the increases are opening new stores on other sites.

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