Friday, March 28, 2008

The Past Revisited

I had a most interesting thing happen yesterday. The doorbell rang and it wasnt a political candidate or those door to door bible thumpers. Earlier in the morning, I had noticed a van driving around, that stopped in front of our home. Now this was not surprising as our home is for sale and I wrote if off as another 'lookly loo'.

The gentleman at the door introduced himself and apologized for the intrusion. He had is 72 yr old grandmother with him and was taking her around the old neighborhood. She had sent summers in this house with her grandmother back in the 1950's. He wondered if it would be possible for his grandmother to "take a peek" at the inside of the house.

I was ecstatic to find someone who actually spent time in the house and I invited them in. She shared with me some stories "back in the day" when she lived here and she remarked how "wonderful" the house looked. I brought out some photos from the sorry state it as in when we bought it. She looked at it those , then as it as now and remarked we had done a wonderful job of restoration.

I exchanged email addresses with her Grandson. They are going through her old photos this weekend and she thinks there are some of the house in the 1950's. It always nice to meet "living history!"

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