Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Victorian Calling Card

Part of the "Joys of Packing" is finding things you forgot you had. I came across a collection of vintage "calling cards" for those of you who may not know whata calling card is: In the victorian era it was the custom for everyone to have a "calling card" usually a simple card with ones name but depending on your "station" in polite society it might be a very elaborate card with paper embossing and hand colored designs. Homes usually had a small silver tray on a table. the custom of the time dictated that one would leave their card in the tray when one came to visit or "call" as it was known at the time.

In any event at the time we thought we would be moving to St Joseph MO I began to collect historical items related to the city and I bought this collection of 130 or so cards. It really is a fascinating "look back" at the history and custom of the day. One things immediately appraent is how names have changed over the years. names like Nannie Dean, Millie M Thompson, Lillian Ethel Miler, Constance Abbot Limerick.

Today we email and blog, the 'personal touch" is often gone from our lives as is the practice to "come calling"

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