Thursday, December 8, 2011

Antique of the week: A rare music book

Published in 1886 'The improved Easy Method Parlor Organ" published by Estey & Camp of St Louis and Chicago provides its readers with instruction on the proper method to play the Pump Organ, which , as we all know was considerd to be an essential skill of the well mannered and refined individual of the day.

The book has an ownership notation ' Annie Rapps book December 12th 1892 on the inside cover. Over all book is in good condition though the binding fabric is worn.

This would be a great  table book for your parlor of as a display piece if you own a pump organ. It actially is a great resouce if you want to learn how to actually play a pump organ as well.

This 100 Page book sold for the princely sum of 1.50 cents when new. Today it will cost you 25.00 and we can ship it media mail for slight extra charge. Contact me for particulars.

Antique-of-the-Week is a recurring series where we present antiques of the victorian era.

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