Friday, December 9, 2011

Ultimate Steampunk Holiday Gifts

Ok if you are the typical Victorian collector type there is always a  dilemma. You have to have 'stuff', you know those pesky modern conveniences that we really can't live without...though sometimes we would like too. To the rescue comes the Steampunk movement. If you don't know what "Steampunk" is its sort of a retro, gadget, Jules Vern's 20,000 leagues under the sea sort of look. Not Victorian, but Victorian inspired.

This is just impressive, a wood cased LCD Monitor with wireless keypad and mouse for your PC. Price is  1459.00 from Woodguy32 on Esty. FYI he has lots of other cool gadget items too Old Time Computer

Maybe you have an iphone, but who wants to just leave it lying around? Well maybe this Docking station is the answer. Price 359.00 from Freeland Studio, more info here freelandstudios

In fact with the plethora of skins and cases and accessories for Iphone and Ipad, prices vary from a low of 20.00 to 200.00. on Ebay and Esty


Karen Anne said...

Holy Toledo, stumbled across this and thought you might appreciate it:

jack said...

Very amazinggggggg Gadget Gifts
I love them.