Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Antique of the Week: A great Victorian Chandelier

Just in: This great Victorian Chandelier with cranberry glass shades!!!!

We rarely if ever get these in anymore and they are quickly snapped up by people restoring their homes. This one has current wiring and light sockets. It does have the gas jet screw attachment so if your old pipes are gone you will need the typical adapter to go to a regular light box which you can get from any lighting store. If you have very high ceilings there are extension pipes available that sell by the foot to bring this down to more useable height over a dining table.

The shades have the cranberry color on the edges and look very pretty when lite. Because these shades are fragile, I would not ship this, but the local shipper we often use to probably package this.. Contact me for details.

This could probably use some polishing and some work but these are just getting so hard to fin. Priced at 225.00 Firm. Contact me at victiques@gmail.com .

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