Monday, December 15, 2014

Victorian "restyling" Can you spot the original?

 One of the things about my work as a restoration consultant is I travel quite a bit and often come across old homes subject to restyling's done in the Victorian era that often make me wonder what they were they thinking? Few realize that the Victorians were very much about keeping up with the Jones's

I had to do a double take as I spied this one . A huge house that I spotted first due to its color and of course, hoping it represents some restoration and not further remuddling as its had more than its share. Do you see the original home? I have outlined the original in this photo to guide you.

The 'Big Victorian" was actually a second empire cottage that  was restyled to be a big Victorian
 2 1/2story. Add year of other changes made to turn it into apartments and only a keen eye will spot what was originally there. So next time you look at that Victorian and something doesn't seem quite right, maybe that Queen Anne isn't a Queen Ann after all.

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