Thursday, April 23, 2015

Burgman Building: Initial Assessment & the mystery of the blue flower

Our first day onsite was initial assessment and refining some plans on the building. We wanted to signal the change in the building and the first thing we did was fill one of the store windows with antiques and remove the totally inappropriate vinyl blinds.

I am impressed by the level of detail in the residential part of the building , the mid trim decorative blocks are amazing.

Also the hinges and hardware are exceptional.

The Persian Parlor is  a true decorative find and the fact it is still there and not covered by layers of paint is  a miracle . I am looking forward to paint testing in the other rooms to see what might be there. Now that we have the junk out of this room the size and scale is impressive.

I am always impressed with other artist work and I wonder about the 'blue flower". In the entire room over 85 Linear feet of mural and stencil work there is but one  blue flower cluster. I am sure it has a special significance known only to the artist who did this fine work.

Tomorrow we have newspaper interviews


Sissysmom said...

Cannot wait to watch your journey with this building!!!

Karen Anne said...

I wonder if the blue pansy(?) is from the theory that every work should have one irregularity, since only God can produce perfection. (Missed with humans, didn't he :-)