Sunday, April 26, 2015

Burgman Building : Weekend Update: The Garland Parlor and fabulous finds!

A quick dose of "ugly removal" and the Garland Parlor its on its way back
The Garland Parlor is now back to its original size now that we have removed an addition done back when this was a drapery shop. the garland room is named such do the garland frieze stencil work. This room and eth long hallway both had evidence of a hanging rail and we presume this The Garland room might have been where the family hung Artwork. The removal  of the workspace involved removal of a built in box, workbench and some shelving and a partition wall.
I have no clue what they were thinking here, but this will be gone VERY SOON!
We cannot explain the "lattice work" hanging in either the Garland Parlor or the entrance hall, other than is tack and poorly installed, but that makes it easier to remove. Soon we will be back to original ceiling height in the  entrance hall.

Tucked away we found this treasure
Four days since close and so many changes and finds.! Tucked away was this Antique Zither, while it needs restringing , we are amazed anyone would just leave it.

Mapping it out is a must do when planning a kitchen
Today we mapped out the new kitchen. At 12x 19 feet its not the largest kitchen but will have room for side by side fridge, Large sink dishwasher and a commercial gas chefs range and plenty of storage due to the 12 foot ceilings. The island will be 42 x 72 and have bar seating and we sill have room for bistro table. The kitchen cabinets were put in about  a year ago and are of good quality with 42 " uppers. Our plan is to have them re-sprayed (they are currently a light oak) and we will reuse the green quarts counter top and be adding an extra 6 feet over what is already there. Fortunately we can get a perfect match for this counter top. The cabinets will be done in Antique Black and the island will be custom built as a free standing unit and in a different finish. Not sure if we will do a butcher block or some sort of copper top. We will use salvaged wainscot on the walls. With the additional trim work we will do we are going for a 'butlers pantry" look.
We knew this area was the most damaged
On Friday we met the director of the Cass County Historical Society who stopped by and we were interviewed by a report from the local paper who brought a photographer with here. Lots of questions and lots of photos and I guess the piece will come out in a few days. They photographed  the removal of the awful retail hanging board that was in the parlor revealing what I knew was the worst part of the Persian Parlor wall and this weekend I started removing the awful corner cabinet.

Fortunately this is where the new Valor gas fireplace , slate mantle and renaissance over mantle mirror will be
Fortunately this is the area where we will bump out slightly for the gas fireplace and the Slate mantle and Renaissance over mantle mirror will take up most of this heavier damaged area leaving me with only some repaint/re-creation work

Things are moving right along!

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