Thursday, April 30, 2015

Burgman Building Restoration: Upstairs Hall: Bye Bye 1980's

This may have been trendy in the 1980's but it does not belong in the 1880's and HAD to go
When the window and wall company had its offices upstairs they made some , well lets say "unfortunate" decorating decision that I am sure were cutting edge in the 80's..thats 1980's not 1880's. One of those unfortunate decorating decisions was row of brass track lights and a dropped ceiling of lattice.

no more brass track lights
Now we have long held that Victorian should look like a Victorian and this "Italian restaurant" look had to go and did not belong in a 40 ft hallway leading to impressive Victorian parlors. First to go were those Brass track lights.

And we have ceilings again!
Next was removal of the lattice and the 1980's were banished! We love the ceiling height and now the challenge will be to determine how best to light it most likely this will be a combination of wall sconces and a couple of overhead Gasoliers. Needless to say that wallpaper must go as well.

I envision this as  gallery space for our private art collection some top crown molding will be called for. A proper hanging rail and a chair rail.  Wallpaper with gold inks in them or stenciling but this space calls for something with a gallery like formality.

Front Page!
Well we knew the local paper was doing a piece on the acquisition and the reporter emailed me to let me know the article was out online and would be out today. What I didn't expect was 2/3 of the front page of the paper and 1/2 a page on another!

Well today was the last phase of removal of the 'closet thing' in the Persian Parlor.

And now its gone! More updates as they happen.

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