Thursday, May 21, 2015

Burgman Building: Removal of short wall and other fun things

So now that the suspended ceiling is gone, the crappy grid and now the partition wall that was added for whatever reason at last the rear shop space is back to its original configuration and we can start over.

The wall frame was hardly secured and I'm often amazed at the work of "Billy Bob" contractors. Why would you not build a wall floor to ceiling and have each space with its own ceiling system? Oh well its gone, and none to soon.

Upstairs we have begun an adaptive reuse project. The upstairs room which will now be
our master bedroom suite had a kitchenette. The cabinetry was built to fit the space and  with all the open shelving will make a perfect closet. All we have to do is install some crown molding, closet rods, and some bins and baskets for storage.

We started cleaning it up so we can get the trim work done  and repaint it. This is important BECAUSE we now have accepted a full price offer on our Indy house, which means we will need to move in sooner than later! Of course we have to sweat home inspections and appraisals but if all goes well we need to be moved in here by around the 4th of July.

So lots of things to do in Logansport and Indy and we still have restorations on-going in Cincinnati.

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Sissysmom said...

Oh my you have been so busy!! I am so enjoying seeing your progress. Sounds like things will be even busier as you finish the sale on your Indy house.