Sunday, May 31, 2015

Burgman Building: Another multi project week

Starting the build, lots to do
Well we are getting closer to getting the shop together and part of that is building retail counter. While I'd love a period store counter, we cant find one, so using some stuff we already had and we are putting one together. Still have painting to go some trim work and the new wood counter top to go on.

Lots of insulation.
Everyday is a discovery and we checked out the attic to find its well insulated, dry and well ventilated. I do think we will add some thermostatically controlled vents however when we get around to exterior work and replacing the wood panels that were removed whenever this project was done.

Some great, some good, some shot but a lot of this is salvageable.
One 'fun thing' has been the basement actually its more like a cellar. Over the years as "improvements" were made , woodwork simply got tossed down there. Damp basements are not particularly  kind to wood. There was some stuff that had been down there many years that was pretty much shot BUT there was also some more recent stuff that was good. We located some good door trims, and a lot of beadboard.

Things are blooming now there is some sunshine.
Just to "get way' from restoration and construction I've been going out and working in the "grotto" and doing some pruning and weeding. Now that I have opened up some sun by some recent pruning, things are starting to bloom.

You can see the remnants of an old metal arbor, You'd never know you were in town.
We have also located part of the concrete barn floor which was once used a patio hidden from view by all the trees bushes and ferns. It will take some work to restore it back but we will eventually get there.

Inventory is starting to be moved in even though we will have to move it around while we work but the sooner its moved in the sooner we can open.

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