Thursday, June 4, 2015

Burgman Building: Inquiries and moving stuff

Seems not a day goes by without someone peering in the shop windows to see if we are open yet. So even though we have tons of stuff to do, we at least staged the front of the shop so when people peer in they will see some of what we have to offer. Yeah, I'll have to move it several times as we paint walls, stencil, rework various mechanicals, but it helps build interest and it's sort of free advertising until we do open.

As it is, I have been switching out stuff in the front showroom windows.

One thing we "inherited' with the property is a bookcase, while not our style it does make a good display piece for small stuff. Boy was it heavy and even after we removed all the shelves it was all we could manage to get move it from the back room to the front.

Of course we have all sorts of interesting 'big things' coming everything from square grand pianos and pump organs to huge pier mirrors and architectural salvage so stay tuned.

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