Monday, June 8, 2015

Burgman Building: Shop window display space work

One of the things we have been working on is the storefront window display space area. The shop windows are great and period with beadboard on the raised shop area panels which makes for great display space, however the walls in the display area are a bit plain. Currently the inside of the windows and the double doors are painted a not very attractive  yellow, doing a little paint research shows they were a medium green (the same as the frieze area in the store was painted originally) and our plan is to go back to that, at the same time we want to unify the wall space at a the display and differentiate it from the main walls. To do that we found a "tin style' material which is a glue up and will be painted to match the trim. This will give the store display windows a more unified look. This tin style material is made of polymers and comes in 2x4 sheets and once painted will look like we have tin wall back in the display area

We should be ready to install hanging rail as soon as we finish the wall panel paintwork and change the frieze area color at the top to the original shade of green that was there.

Overall making, progress and moving in more stuff everyday.

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