Thursday, June 18, 2015

Burgman building: More moving and painting

One thing we have done is paint the tin appliques in the showroom window space an aged copper finish like that on the store counter and it impart an elegance and depth to the space.

Meanwhile we have been painting the other side of the shop space including the round window areas . Ultimately I plan on trimming the windows out with wood casing ( a more finished look) but for now I need to get things ready to open so we continued the color banding around them.

We keep moving stuff in and its getting full fast which will drive the timetable on the rear shop space so we can be ready for the holiday sales season. We also  put some notices out on Craigslist and other places about our impending opening and people can be seen peering in the windows daily to see what's going on.

A pleasant surprise as the Clematis' is in full bloom. We have had so much rain lately and I'm dying to do more work in the yard.

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