Friday, July 31, 2015

Burgman Building: Facade painting and dining room projects

We have been so busy working I noticed I haven done a post in 10 days so here goes.
We continue to work on the front façade, I have gone up about as far as I can with the step ladder so its time to bring out the scaffold. Overall we are pleased with colors . The capital painting is the obvious next step.

The Dining room has been a project we wanted to tackle, just off the Garland Parlor and the Persian parlor it is a good size for dining but suffers from two many doorways. We think that doors to the hallway and the Garland Room were added at some point, with the closets being gone for the new kitchen we eliminate one doorway but ultimately all the doors need to be gone.

The hallway was very dark as a result too, so we made a decision to open up the doorway to the hall to 6 feet and in its place will be fretwork and Portieres, the doors to the Garland room and new kitchen will also do and be similarly treated with Portieres.

The small door was a closet added at some point it will go away completely. The door to the right is to the new kitchen and will become an opening with portieres
Here we have started the process of opening up. This was a non load bearing wall.
New opening really adds light into the hall
We are adding salvaged wainscot and there will be a chair-rail and baseboard for a more finished look
We removed the transom window in the hall to add height to the doorway and replaced it with fretwork made from a salvaged piece someone gave us.

The fretwork adds elegance but keeps things open and visual
We restored this piece which had been in basement for decades. We like free things!

So we have been very busy! More to come!

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