Monday, July 20, 2015

Burgman Building: Hallway project and moving in.

Its been a  pretty busy weekend, moving more stuff and actually staying at the place. One things that immediately struck me is how quiet it is at night.

Couldn't resist taking some night photos with things lit up.

We also painted the dark cavern of a hall which had been painted dark tan/brown, we chose alight blue (period for the time). Still have some ceiling repairs to do then we can start thinking about wallpapers and stencils. Because of the size of the hall there will be two chandeliers with polychromed medallions and we plan on installing some crown molding period to the time period.

And wonders of wonders we have our internet back up with few glitches so I can try to do more blogging (faster speed) and maybe even upload some video of work being done

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