Friday, October 9, 2015

Burgman Building: "Devinyling" and bath renovations

We have been so busy with the shop and regular Facebook posts. Yes we have a Facebook page too that we realize we haven't done any updates.

The garage is looking 1000 percent better  since we yanked the vinyl off the façade.

The yellow vinyl was awful and took be  just a little over 20 minutes to remove.

The condition of the wood under it is exceptional and we didn't have much caulking and filling to do. Why anyone would cover this wonderful 100 yr old wood is a mystery to me.

Of course we still have to paint the door and trim but the real news is.......the carriage house will be converted to a new storefront and that store front will house a new Coffee shop next spring!!! We think it will be a great addition to our business and something the neighborhood really needs. We are planning on creating nice period style façade that will blend with the 1884 Italianate Building. Just one more thing to make us a destination.

Inside things have been humming along as well. The original bathroom was partially taken over by the upstairs furnace years ago, that meant it had a dropped ceiling and looked like ...well, not good. The new plan (because it is a big space is to make two baths, A 1/2 bath which will be accessed off the hallway (as original ) and  new bath that will service our guest room. That bath will have a regular 8 foot ceiling and will allow us the space to crafts a new furnace room above it which will feed the attic vents, so we have been removing the old dropped ceiling and exposing the old bead board. This will be drawn out winter project and there will be more to come

The nice thing is that the transom actually can be seen in the bathroom now.

Of course with fall here and weather permitting we are still painting the store façade.

More to come.

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