Thursday, October 29, 2015

Burgman Building: Project updates, Rear storefront work

Much of the wood ceiling was removed in front, fortunately this is the new residential entry area and will be redone in drywall with  Bradbury papers.
The rear storefront are has been crying for attention and the fact that we need the space for expansion of our antiques business has accelerated work on it.

All those drain line have to be redone as too
One of the problems is that this space was hurriedly done years ago and  we have to force ourselves to slow done and see its done right and years of "Billy Boy contractors" work is erased and replaced with proper restore.

One of those things has involved removal of several large HVAC collectors hung precariously on the ceiling. This one was dangerously close to the side storefront window and needed to be removed carefully so as not to destroy a 2000.00 plate glass window. We determined the safest way was to use a drywall lift and bungie it to it so be could carefully lower it. Took about two hours but its on the ground now and our window is safe! So glad we bought that lift, it has more than paid for itself.

Just a  little material for a new wall
So now we have to do  wood ceiling repairs in the rear part of the building and we have to create the new formal entry hall and downstairs reception parlor for the home upstairs. One of the first things we have to do is get the partition wall back in that divides the residential entry space from the commercial and unlike before (with an 8 ft. wall and dropped ceiling), this will be a full length (12ft) wall.

Now to just locate two sets of double entry doors, hire a brick mason to build a proper column on the side storefront/entry...little things like that.

More to come.

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