Sunday, November 29, 2015

Burgman Building: Expansion at Last and some special finds

Rear showroom open
Its been 'Hectic' to say the least but we have the rear showroom open. Lots of finish details but those will have to wait until after the holiday shopping season.

As is common with this historic building there is always a discovery or two. We knew that there were originally murals throughout the saloon , but prior owners had virtually sanded history way as part of the their "renovations" at least up to  the dropped ceiling which of course we removed almost  the week we bought the building. And as we removed some newer flaking paint, this brought us at least a 'tease' of what was once there in a space 10 feet or so up:
Framework around murals

Landscape murals
So we now know that there were intact landscape murals AND we know they had painted frame designs and more importantly that there was a decorative stencil frieze going all around the room.

Frieze border detail
This provides us with a "baseline" but short of finding some original photos we may never know what the saloon decorations looked like. We are working now on digital enhancements to recreate the original stencil frieze design and will likely add it to our other historic stencil offerings.

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