Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Burgman Building: Staircase rework begins

We are starting the staircase rework phase as part of our restorations. Essentially the primary entrance to the property was via simple street door and straight 22 steps upstairs. Not a proper Victorian entrance befitting the residence above the shop.

So the plan is to take the old side storefront and shop entrance and reconfigure the front part into a new entrance hall and formal entry parlor and a private doorway to our shop office.

The stair reconfiguration will involve elimination of the current old door entrance which will be filled in and replaced with a large stained glass landing window higher up. A landing area is created four steps up. an alcove it created with a window seat. The stairway is opened up to the room and is turned to create a more grand entrance. To the right of the stairs a custom deep bookcase is created and will have a marble top for display of  a large sculpture.  Also added to the space is a new angled gas fireplace which will feature a slate mantle and gilded over mantle mirror

This process has involved the removal of plaster, removal of bead board a transom window and ultimately a doorway and reframing of the space. It is also giving us an opportunity to fix some air infiltration from the crawlspace and tighten things up

The opening up of the stairs really improves the light to the space as you come down. Once the wall studs are removed and new header installed, it will be really nice

Slow and methodical work but we are making progress,

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