Monday, May 2, 2016

Burgman Building Restore: More Frescos and Landscape restoration continues

Well you know me, never satisfied. It kept bugging me that the ceiling in the Garland Parlor seemed too simple given the artistry on display elsewhere. The simple blue sky seemed well, just too simple, so off on another 'investigation.  In looking at the ceiling the paint seemed thicker in one corner and dental picks and blades in hand I began to carefully check the crackling that was evident in that area and they we go again.

As I suspected there was a top bordered wall design panels, It has a floral theme similar to the frieze. Still more conservation work to do, but it looks like I can get enough to create pattern that will allow me to replicate this detail. It appears they had a paint failure in the ceiling at some point, maybe a leak and the ceiling was scraped and the blue ceiling put on, for whatever reason , laziness perhaps, the painter didn't scrape one corner which  probably had firmly attached paint , or MAYBE they felt someday someone might come along to restore/recreate this feature?

So now we have another project.

Meantime outside we have been busy transplanting flowers and bused and starting the fence install around the area where the vegetable garden will be. We plan on replacing the brick edging with stone.

We also added a dry creek with a dry well under it because we are installing gutters on the carriage garage which will direct water away from the side wall of the garage.

Busy times around here.

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Sissysmom said...

So exciting to see your discoveries and your progress!