Sunday, May 8, 2016

Frescos work updates and did I mention we have tour coming up?

We now have enough to pull corner stencils
Lots of time spend exposing the ceiling fresco hour here and hour there but its starting to reveal itself and I am now confident we have enough to get good stencils of the banding.

The ceiling banding is almost exposed now
 We should be able to restore the floral work with no problem.

So this is the poster for the event
Oh and we have this tour thing coming up for Historic Preservation week in conjunction with Logansport Landmarks we are opening the upstairs up for guided tours of the restoration work in progress from 3-5 on the 22nd, in conjunction with a Preservation Picnic that goes on until 7 PM that will be held "on the grounds"

Hoping to get the gate and pergola done and then just a few more sections of fence and the future raised bed veggie garden will be ready to plant
This of course means lots more landscape work outside, we got some more fencing up and have been working on the beds.
Transplanting day lilies that were in the shade before is an every day task
This is not an easy task when you have almost an acre sized "private park", we have found huge old Viburnums which are now in bloom (snowball bushes), we have been  dividing and moving Hostas and Daylily's which are huge now and everything is just doing much better since we got some of the choking English Ivy off things.
Can you see the several ton boulder? NO, because the English Ivy covers it. Coming off in the next couple of days
Of course there is still more to do.

Two of these to paint to match the Persian Parlor
This week we got our pair of ceiling medallions for the Persian Parlor which I hope to have painted and up by tour time...hey, sleep is highly over-rated.


Mayfair Mistress said...

Are you using anything beyond a very careful razor blade to remove the later paint off the frescoes? We know we have original detailed ceilings, but the paint details come off when the later oil and latex are scraped... Thanks!

Karen Anne said...

The gardening looks great.

Paul Wilham said...

Its an issue of technique and how the art is sealed. In our case this work was painted on after plaster had dried not true 'fresco' where the plaster is still wet. The artist also shellacked the artwork. We use a variety of techniques in removal of topcoats. In this case the 'sky painting' was done over the original which was deteriorated. Loses were already there not to mention a second painting with white paint in the 1990's over that. Paint removal is a long and arduous process. Unless you have extensive experience in art restoration I do not recommend a homeowner to try and 'fix things'.