Thursday, February 9, 2017

Burgman Restoration: The Great Stencil Project continues !

The wall field section taking shape
The  "Grand Hallway" because of its length and width are about the equivalent of doing 3 normal size rooms in most houses not to mention the 12 ft ceilings. However to accomplish this feat will be quite the challenge and its occupying a lot of my available free time.

Essentially we are following the Aesthetic Movement ethic. This requires a more elaborate approach that typical stenciling . In our case will  have the  marbleized wainscot, a multiple bordered mid-range field panel that consists of multiple bands and inset small paintings with 3 different stencil elements, gold leafing/gilding and a large upper wainscot that will feature more color bands (each stenciled differently) and a large frieze.

At this point we are working a on the first panel as one comes to the top of the stairs and it will feature all the decorative elements of the other panels that go down the hallway although each small  half round painting will be different. So the first section is where we determine all the color interaction and shades to get it just right.

A key focal point are the 'stained glass panels' in opposite corners, this follows a design ethic you often see on English Aesthetic transfer ware china and tiles where corners are anchored by a decorative element. These panels are based on aesthetic stained glass and take elements from the design for the stained glass window that will be at the top of the stair window.

Within the "clay colored border" are two small paintings one at the top and bottom, again slightly offset 1/3 into the wall panel width on opposing sides . These follow the same basic colors as the "Crane mural" on the curved wall we discussed in the last post. they are loosely executed and will eventually be 'aged' to look "period" for the age of the building as will everything else.

The Golden Tan of the main panel is being banded with a stencil executed in a period pattern in a light green color that takes its cue color wise from the colors in the mural and acts a balance color wise between the clay, Pompeii Red and gold. This along with the gilt stripe band create a elegant display.

Next Time? The "clay border" and gets its stencil and the Golden Tan panel gets its stencil design

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