Monday, February 20, 2017

The Grand Hall: 10,000 or so stencils and we will be done!

I try not to count, as it would only drive me crazy (crazier?). Our Aesthetic Movement hall required the creation of  patterned main field, in gold of course. Fortunately, I elected to do a large sheet of about 50 flowers in the stencil, given the overall length of the wall, number of painted flowers required per sq ft, and we are somewhere slightly in the neighborhoods of 10-11 THOUSAND images !

As the first panel came together I have to admit I am pleased with the overall look. The 'bloom' of the pattern as you move by it especially at night is incredible and I can imagine how this might have looked back in the day with the hall lit by FIVE gaslights (we found where each one was located on the ceiling) Our plan is three lights but we are adding some wall sconces in the hall so we have flexibility as to how much light the hall needs at any given time.

With the ebonized trim we know the wainscot would be dark as well as the wainscot was always Painted darker to 'anchor' the room, was wood or sometimes marble. Well, we could not afford marble, so I elected to do a stylized marblization over the black paint and this gives it a depth and reflective quality that elevates the room to a higher level.

Of course its a looonnng hall and lots to do but its some progress. But of course an inlaid hardwood floor will be a necessity WHICH will be another project.

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