Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Frugal Victorian: High style look at low cost. Design Series

Lets face it, if you read our blog you like Victorian style and everyone would love a high end Herter Étagère Filled with exquisite Tiffany pieces and high end collectibles, but that is far beyond the average persons budget so I thought we would demonstrate how its possible to take a low cost items, group them and create high end look with low cost.

The Étagère is simple in design and serves as a good base for our example.
In this case we used a simple  ebonized spindle Étagère (for sale in our shop for 125.00 and create a high style spot in your home for around 250.00 or less with accessories.
Layering add depth an dimension.

We took a gray sheet for a backdrop but you could use any fabric you might have laying around. To create visual interest we layered it with a piece of scrap gold paisley material (purchased for 5.00) and thumbtacked to the wall to create a swag. We them added a simple framed print in a gold frame to repeat the gold theme and provide a focal point and to balance the higher part of the Étagère. As you can see using backdrops already makes the piece more elegant. If you live in an apartment and can't paint, this is a great way to create visual interest on wall without damage

3 Items per section is a good limit
Creating groupings are important and care should be used to use no more than three different items in an area. More than that, can look too cluttered. Vary the height of the items also adds visual interest. Here we contrasted off the gold fabric with a dark green Iridescent vase. Old Photos with their own built in stands are a great decorating item (4-10 ea in our shop).

All three items have shades of grey and black in them
Playing different textures off each other is another effective tool. Here we took a silk fan and played it off the silver cups and another photo. The black and silver and the greys of the photo all work together and the gold in the fan ties with the frame above it on the wall and the gold swag.

The tall area of the Étagère needs at least one larger item to visually fill the space. In this case we used a glazed vase with a grey color with some reddish browns tone found in the swag, We used some  smaller items in silver with it to create some 'sparkle. without overpowering the vase 

The lower shelves use less significant items to fill the rest of the Étagère but not overpower the focal items at eye level as you walk by Note the use of the Rec Tassel with the Oriental plate and the depression glass bowl (Depression glass can be found in our shop from 5-10 per piece) the shelf below it uses a simple framed print and a postcard with red to continue a repeat of color from the shelf above. Antique postcards (5-10.00 are a low cost decorating idea ) The lowest shelf used a heavy silver tray and book to help fill the space and weigh the base of it down. We recommend any tall item like this should be wired to the wall with some wire and a small screw eyes to prevent tip over.

So there you have it a creative exotic corner for your home done for less than 250.00.

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