Sunday, September 30, 2018

Burgman Building Restoration: Detective work continues.

Looking from across the street, we see the Well house/brew barn and to the right a long gone cottage.
We continue to learn more about the Burgman building. One of the biggest mysteries of course is the "dependencies", the accessory buildings on the Burgman site and what they were for. research in this are is hard to do as the first Sanborn maps were from 1906 for this neighborhood and of course our building was built in 1884, and the second Burgman building was built in 1896 down the street.

We can see from this circa 1890 photo that to the left of the Burgman there appears to be some structure and this pre-dated the construction of the 1896 commercial building down the street. We think there may have been the stables for the Burgman delivery vehicles and horses and some recent yard work have revealed some stone foundations that we believe may have been the site of the stable, just north of the building.

The only photo to date showed the doors of the well house/brew barn but nothing else
Of course the brew barn and well house building behind the building has always been a mystery because while some people remember it, there were no good photos other than one showing the doors, until now.

We have the first good view of the side storefront added Circa 1920-30 and we can see the cornice over the back door.
The family of the neighbor across the street have been going through family photos and some pieces of the puzzle are here. Back in the very late 40's early 50s they had a a huge catalpa tree removed across the street on Smead and the family took photos. This view shows the structure behind the building. We had surmised some things about this building, we KNOW it was the well house (well is still there) and we assumed the other park was used as a summer kitchen. Later on it was used by the saloon for beer and wine bottling and this has some use relative to the beer gardens

This view clearly shows the relationship of the buildings with the well house/brew barn and the the  cottage behind it which we understand was demoed in the 1960's, Interesting to note there was a nice hedge that was next to the sidewalk and help enclose the gardens.

Next steps will be some archaeological digging!

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