Saturday, November 21, 2020

Aesthetic Chair Renewed


This chair has a bit of a back story. I acquired in 2002 on my way back from a vacation in New Orleans. we stopped in a little rural antique mall at a highway interchange in Tennessee. 

Amid the obligatory booths of country primitives' and rustic farm ware, tucked in a corner was this chair. Its not everyday you find an Aesthetic Movement Victorian chair in a country antique mall. It was covered in some rather uninspiring red fabric from the 1930's. I got a deal on it because the Dealer had just sold the settee earlier that morning (which I could have bought them both!!!!)

I brought it home and it sat in a back bedroom for years and then was in storage for a period of time. After 18 years I found the right fabrics and began the restoration. The webbing was dry-rotted and I had to completely do  new webbing and cushion for it. A lot of cotton batting and horsehair involved here.

But now that its complete, its is quite grand and definitely a rare example, and yes its staying in my private collection

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